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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Who is Sifat Ullah Mod Kha সিফাত উল্লাহ

Who is Sifat Ullah Mod Kha সিফাত উল্লাহ 

Sifat Ullah biography is a man who is a celebrity of facebook.
Every single day he must come on facebook live.
Sifat Ullah is Bangladeshi. But right now he lives in Austria.
He is also Freedom fighter of  Bangladesh.

Sifat Ullah Likes to drink any kind of soft and hard drink.
He also likes fruits juice. And he tells fruits juice is very good for our health.
sifatullah pic
sifatullah pic

Somethings he was so angry at Facebook live.
And that moment he abused so much.
But people got it funny.

SIFAT ULLAH has many fans and followers on online.
He tells he likes to date with beautiful girls.

Sifat ullah cartoon
Sifat ullah cartoon

Sifat Ullah
is a teacher of a collage of Austria.
Besides he does a part-time job in an online shop.
He is a rich man and also he does politicals.
He is a very powerful man.

At this time many people who parody of sifat ullah.
Recently Ajaira ltd youtube channel makes a video song about sifat ullah.
Watch it.

Sifat ullah is a Bollywood and Hollywood actor.
Anyway, he has a very good look.
He tells, many girls proposed him but he rejects them.

Sifat ullah common dialogue :


Sifat ullah image
Sifat ullah image

Sometimes sifat ullah tells correct speech about our country.
He can't Tolerate Corruption।
It's a very good habit.

Sifat ullah picture
Sifat Ullah picture

Anyway, no more today in this post.
See with you in a new another post.
Take care of your health and stay with Mr. Meshkat website and youtube channel.
Thank you.
sifat ullah photo
Sifat Ullah photo


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